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Garageband is the most popular software used for iOS devices. This software allows you to create music composition and podcasts. It has pre made a loop that enables the user to get different instrumental effects and also recording. Garageband can be used for any sound system and is mostly used by the professional artists throughout the globe.

Garageband is the perfect musical software for learning guitar. There are in built tracks that are specially designed for guitar. The user can create amplifier, stomp box, and many different effects. There are many adjustable features in Garageband like tone, volume, reverb and many others. In windows devices you need a USB to connect to device.

How to Download the Garageband Guitar Lessons for PC?

If you have made up your mind to learn guitar lessons then you are at the correct place. Here we have the perfect step by step guide for you to download the Garageband guitar lessons for PC. You just need to follow the step by step guide given below.

Step 1: The very first things you need to do is Garageband and open it. You will see many options in the application. In the left side you will see a option for learn to play. When you click on it there appears a new screen where you will get different instrument options like guitar, piano and many such. If by default the guitar option has been chosen then you will see one option like intro to guitar, click on it.

Step 2: By clicking on guitar you will get to learn basic elements like the variations in electric and other guitars. You will also learn the ways to tune it, hold it, and also about chords. These guitar lessons allow you to skip the chapters in between and also you can control its play back, adjust volumes, looping, and slow play and so on.

Step 3: To learn more in detail you can also connect to Mac. To do this you will have to click on the set up option seen on the top right hand side of the screen. Go to my input menu device and from its drop down menu you will be able to select built in mic. You will be able to do this only if you are using Mac mic.

Step 4: In the setup screen you will be able to see another option known as monitor. Garageband will amplify your learning using speakers, when you learn and play. This can disturb your learning by creating a huge noise. To avoid this disturbance only monitor is used.

Step 5: Tune your guitar whenever you start. For tuning you just need to do a simple thing, just click on the tuner and it will open a new screen where you will be able to see bars on both the sides of a letter. When you play the strings the middle letter will turn to blue. The high and low notes are visible on the screen.

Step 6: Now go to the video part. The video will play the guide on how to play Echord, when you click on the play option. When the video is being played, you can record the video session by clicking on the record button. The playing and progress will be scored in the application and there will be one indicator for good it will turn green, for out of time it will turn yellow and for bad notes it will turn red.

Step 7: When you are done with the first session, click on ‘X’ option you will see on the top left side. This will take you to the main menu. When you select lesson store from the left side then you will have to choose guitar from the three options given there. On the top you will be able to see three free lesson packs from which you can click on guitar.

Step 8: You can download eight lessons from the guitar options. This will show you the option to play options. You can easily open it and learn at your own pace. It is possible to have a good practice for each lesson. The lessons are based on the introduction of various chords, rhythms and the combinations possible of it.

Step 9: When you are doing fine in all lessons, then you can go back to the lesson store from where you have downloaded free packs. There is another free feature available known as Chord trainer, you can also learn it.

Why to Choose Garageband?

If you are choosing Garageband for PC then you should know the reasons to choose it. Here we have listed some of the most important reasons for you to choose Garageband for PC.

  1. First music lessons: There is an on board guitar lessons available where you can learn to play your favorite and famous music. There are different levels according to your speed and perception for beginners and intermediate. You can learn about different notes, combinations and advanced levels based on 40 music levels.
  2. Avid drummer: With Garageband you can create your own virtual drum studio. You can play for fun or create your own tunes with popular songs with the wide set of custom drum sets. You can have your own virtual lead guitarist, bass drummer and you can become the lead drummer. You can customize the personality of each artist, whether a rock star, hippie or alternative, you can listen to their grooves and styles.
  3. Music without instruments: Garageband is easy that you don’t need an entire band in front of you. It contains more than 100 instruments from guitars, violin, and strings. You can mix effects and tones from the large array of pre recorded sound effects and beats.
  4. Virtual Recording Studio: Garageband is a virtual recording studio. You can compile all yourself made tracks, beats; adjust rhythm issues, and all the other things that are possible with this free software. You can also download and install Garageband for iOS and you can create your music anywhere.
  5. Easy interface: Garageband has a very easy user friendly interface. You can manage edits on one side and the music panel on the other side. You can improve vocals and clarity of Chorus lines, amplifies bass, and adjusts or remove echo. You can change the design of your virtual studio and also design the position of each instrument.
  6. Connectivity: You can save your tracks online and can be used for easy access. You can access your music anywhere, and anytime. You will never know when you will get into the opportunity to show your work.

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