GarageBand PC: Garageband for Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) Download

Music is the best cure for most of the problems in people’s life. You can make yourself stress free by just listening to your favorite music in your mobile phone. You can just put on earphones and listen to music anytime and anywhere you want.

There are many music applications available online but did u try to compose music. Some of you might think that it is only for music composers but it is not so that only music composers can compose music but even you can compose your own music. You can also create your own music for free. If you are looking for the best application to create music then you are at the perfect place. Here we have GarageBand application. Garageband is made by Apple and was primarily available only for iOS devices but you now use it in your windows devices as well.

Features of GarageBand PC

GarageBand offers you a lot of different and amazing features and it is one of the most popular applications in the world of music. Prior to going in detail about the Garageband for windows it is important for you to know it is important features. So here we have some of the most important features of Garageband for windows 7, 8.1, & 10.

  1. You can begin creating your own innovative music.
  2. It has a live loop, which is the best way to create electronic music and many more.
  3. Another important feature of Garageband is that it has a drummer that allows you to give beats in a extensive range of musical style very instantly.
  4. This application also has a vast collection of impressive and realistic touch instruments, stomp box effects and guitar amps.
  5. It is best for beginners to experienced or veteran music composer.
  6. Garageband application is easy to use and you can use it whenever and wherever you want without any kind of hassle.
  7. It has a built in microphone that can record sound in good quality. If you don’t want to use the built in microphone than you can use the external microphone of your own choice.
  8. It also has a library for you to choose the song from library. The library has beats of different genres which you can use them or you can also manipulate them.
  9. You can easily share the music you have created with other platforms.

How GarageBand Application Works for You?

GarageBand application function in a very user friendly manner. You don’t need any prodigious flair of music to run this application. If you have some basic knowledge then it will be perfect for you. This application also has a guide for beginners.

How to Download GarageBand for Windows PC Using Different Emulators?

GarageBand has become very popular within a short span of time and it was necessary to make it compatible with different platforms. So many intelligent people have found the ways to download Garageband for windows 7, 8.1, 10 using different emulators.

  1. Download GarageBand for windows PC using Bluestack

Bluestack is a very popular android emulator, it can be downloaded free of cost. it makes it easy to download iOS applications easily on android devices. Downloading Garageband is completely free and easy using the Bluestack emulator on any windows devices. Follow the given step by step guide and get ready to download GarageBand for windows PC using Bluestack.

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is to download and install Bluestack on your device.

Step 2: Now open the Bluestack emulator on your PC and type GarageBand in the search box.

Sep 3: Next look for GarageBand application and open it. After opening click on install and your GarageBand application will begin to install automatically.

Step 4: After the completion of installation of GarageBand then you can move to the Bluestack emulator and begin to enjoy the GarageBand application on Windows PC.

2. Download GarageBand for Windows PC using iPadian

iPadian is also one of the emulator and is only an iOS emulator. iPadian is completely free to download and install just like Bluestack.  It is the best iOS emulator. It is easy to use and completely safe to download. It is extremely reliable. Below we have the step by step guide for you which will help you to download GarageBand for Windows PC using iPadian.

Step 1: In order to download the GarageBand for windows PC the very first thing you need to do is to download iPadian emulator.

Step 2: Next run the “.exe” file that you have downloaded and continue with the process of installing the iPadian emulator.

Step 3: After the installation of all the files click on finish button to complete the installation process.

Step 4: Now open the installed iPadian emulator and select “App Store”.

Step 5: Search for GarageBand in the search bar of app store and download it.

Step 6: After downloading the Garageband install it in iPadian.

Step 7: After completing the installation of Garageband you will be able to see the icon in iPadian.

Step 8: Just click on the icon to start enjoying the application.

3. Download GarageBand for windows PC using Andy

Andy is also another popular android emulator available online. If you install this emulator on your PC then the downloading and installing of GarageBand application will become easy. Here we have the step by step guide for your which will help you to download and install Garageband for windows PC using Andy.

  • Step 1: Firstly just download and install the Andy emulator on your PC.
  • Step 2: After installing go to the search bar and search for Garageband.
  • Step 3: Click on Garageband and install it.
  • Step 4: Now go to Andy emulator and click on GarageBand and start enjoying your music.

The above mentioned methods to download GarageBand for windows 7, 8.1, & 10 are completely free to download. These methods have always proved extremely reliable for the user.

Reasons to Choose GarageBand for Windows PC

Before you finalize your mind to download and install GarageBand for windows it is very important for you to know all the reasons to choose GarageBand for Windows PC. So here we are to help you in this we have listed few reasons to choose GarageBand for windows PC for you. You can see below all the reasons to choose GarageBand for Windows PC

  1. Garageband has become the iconic music making tool for all the windows PC users.
  2. It has a complete professional studio package for all the music lovers.
  3. You can play more than 100 software instruments in Garageband for Windows PC.
  4. With just few loops from here and there and you can get the great sounding songs using those loops.
  5. Garageband consists of more than 1000 loops in it.
  6. It not only uses virtual instrument but it can also allow the user to play a live instrument.
  7. It provides the user an excellent level of audio capture and editing.
  8. Garageband can teach beginners to play an instrument perfectly.
  9. GarageBand has a user friendly interface.
  10. Garageband provides you a good working environment and it keeps the track list in a tidy environment.

Is GarageBand Compatible With Windows PC?

There is no official version of GarageBand available for windows PC but still you can run this software on your windows. There are many applications available online related to music but none can be compared to GarageBand.

GarageBand can be run on any versions of windows like windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. It is not only for music lovers but even professional can use it for creating music. It has a simple user friendly interface which will never make you feel difficult in using GarageBand on windows. It is available only for iOS devices but with the help of emulators you can use it even for windows.

Best Alternatives of GarageBand for Windows PC

When you are looking for the alternative of GarageBand for Windows PC then you are at the perfect place. Here we have some of the best alternatives of GarageBand for windows PC that can be used to create professional sounds.

  • FL Studio

FL Studio comes first in our list of best alternatives of Garageband for Windows PC. It is the music creation software that has been used by many international artists. The best parts of FL Studio are the plug gins offered by it. There are hundreds of plug gins available for Bass, Synths, Drums, and many other things that you can install on FL Studio. FL Studio is the best music production software and it is better than Garageband. You are free to use FL Studio on Android, MacOS as well on windows.

  • Stage Light

Stage Light is another music software being used by popular brands like Linkin Park during their live shows. Stage Light is an easy and quick method to create beats and many music loops to go. There are different music instruments and electronic instruments available through which you can make your music live. Hence this is another alternative of GarageBand for windows PC.

  • Mixcraft

Mixcraft consist of a big library of loops taken from different genres that you can use in your songs and by using the instruments and effects you can give shape to your music according to your ways. You can use hardware’s like MIDI as a controller to automate and record mixer, virtual instruments, and effects. Mixcraft also has the options of virtual instruments, including emulations of classic synthesizers, rock organs and electric pianos, guitar, drums kits and many more. It also helps you in editing videos. The creating of music videos and audio effects has never that easy. So Mixcraft is another alternative of Garageband for Windows PC.

  • Pro Tools

Your favorite song may be mastered on Pro Tools. Pro Tools is the music production software that has been used by many popular artists throughout the globe. Every professional music studio has been equipped with Pro tools. There is no match available for the quality provided by Pro Tools and you can easily master music production using Pro Tool. Pro Tools cannot be recommended for session music producers or beginners as there is a lot of technicality that is required for you to learn about music production before using any professional music production software. Start learning Pro Tools if you want to seriously produce music. Garageband and Pro tools cannot be compared as there is no comparison between both the software’s, but the features of Garageband are so vast that it is worth to mention it here. Pro tools cannot serve as the alternative to Garageband.

How to Fix the Problems of GarageBand Not Working?

GarageBand is best to produce high quality music for iOS anytime and anywhere. There may be some problems while using GarageBand like GarageBand not working. You surely would be looking for a solution to this problem. So here we have with the solution to fix the problems of GarageBand not working.

  • Device iOS updated

Every month there are iOS updates available and there are many changes in the updates. So you need to update your device to the latest updates of iOS. Garageband is the product of Apple and they keep on improving it with new software updates. So just updating your iOS can fix your problem of Garageband not working.

  • Update Garage Band to its latest version

If you have already updates your iOS device then updating your Garageband can be a solution to your problems. All the applications get the updates for the smooth working of programs with the new iOS available.

  • External audio devices

Garageband allows you to use external instruments like guitar, Bass guitars, drums, keyboards and so on. So for using them you will need certain converters and adapters that will convert analog signals to digital signals so that your iPhone, iPad or Mac book are able to understand it. If you are using any of the adapters and converters make sure that they are compatible with Garageband. If you face any other problem like sound not coming or any other problems keep aside all the other things and use inbuilt instruments of GarageBand. Always use adapters or other external devices that are compatible with Garageband and instruments.

  • Audio Drivers and Software’s

There are chances that your Garageband is working fine but there is a problem with audio drivers or audio decoders. Make sure that the sound is coming from your device. If there is no sound then the problem could be due to hardware failure which is causing the issue. The first thing you can do is to reboot your device. If the issue still persists then go to finding the reasons for audio failure.


So now you are aware about everything related to Garageband for windows PC. GarageBand is one of the best things created by Apple. Apple will not provide Garageband for Windows PC but you need to feel bad for it. There are many different applications available for windows PC which can serve as the best alternative to GarageBand for windows PC. The software’s like FL Studio and Pro tools are used by many professional artists throughout the globe and offers you many amazing features. If you are very serious about creating your own music then today is the day to start learning this software.